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ILCC has two primary loan products, although each loan is customized to fit the distinct needs of a particular tribe and land purchase:

Term Loans

Up to $3 million
Up to five-year term, up to 20 year amortization and balloon at maturity
Competitive interest rates
Minimal origination fee

Lines of Credit / Bridge Loans

Up to $3 million
One year term, renewable
Competitive interest rates
Minimal origination fee


Make direct loans
Help a tribe leverage other financing
Make a subordinate loan
Pre-approve financing
Refinance an existing loan
Structure loan payments to meet the tribe’s needs
Offer strategic land planning as part of the loan package

ILCC Does Not:

Require the purchased land to be used as collateral
Require an appraisal or an environmental assessment of the land to process the loan

Land Acquisition Plans

ILCC recognizes the importance of developing and implementing a sound strategic plan for land acquisition, use and management. ILCC’s nonprofit affiliates, the Indian Land Tenure Foundation and Native American Community Development Corporation can provide assistance with and, in some cases, grants to tribes.

For assistance developing a strategic land plan contact:
Indian Land Tenure Foundation
151 East County Road B2
Little Canada, MN 55117

For assistance with housing, financial literacy and business development, contact:
Native American Community Development Corporation
999 18th Street, Suite 2460
Denver, CO 80202

Contact us to learn more about lending options or apply for a loan today.

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ILCC offers term loans and lines or credit / bridge loans to Indian nations seeking financing to acquire tribal lands. Unlike most financial institutions, ILCC does not require land to be used as collateral for the loan but relies on the full faith and credit of the Indian nation. Learn more

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