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Lending to Indian Nations

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Customized, Flexible Lending

ILCC works closely with tribal governments to design customized loan packages that suit the needs of the tribe and the unique circumstances of the land purchase. Unlike mainstream financial institutions, ILCC does not require Indian nations to use the purchased land as collateral to back the loan. Instead, ILCC encumbers alternative streams of income, including business or land revenue. This allows the tribe to process land purchases much more quickly and efficiently and avoid costly legal fees.

Prudent, Mission-Driven Investing

ILCC’s strong commitment to tribal sovereignty and the well-being of Indian communities, along with its history of financial prudence in its lending practices and financial management, combine to form the foundation of its business model: sound investing with a social impact.

Benefits for Tribes

ILCC Views and Deals with Tribes as Sovereign Nations
ILCC recognizes tribes as sovereign nations and lends to them in a way that respects their sovereign status. In short, ILCC understands that tribes are credit-worthy, sophisticated political and economic entities that represent good business opportunities.

Loans Are Made on the “Full Faith and Credit” of the Tribes
Loan decisions are based on the tribe’s 1) financial condition, 2) borrowing track record, and 3) ability to make loan payments. This eliminates the need for many of the costly and time-consuming measures required by traditional lenders to secure land and other assets as collateral for tribal loans.

The Loan Process Is Fast, Efficient and Streamlined
Because ILCC is not constricted by the same amount of red tape as a traditional bank, it can provide a rapid underwriting and closing process for tribal borrowers. (For subsequent loans to a tribe in good standing, this process is even faster.) And since the land itself is not collateralized, challenges and complications during the fee-to-trust process for the acquired land are greatly minimized.

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“Indian Land Capital Company provided us with a loan that allowed us to begin to secure additional aboriginal land in the Snoqualmie Valley, ahead of speculators, prior to the Tribe generating any casino revenue, and in a manner that was respectful of tribal sovereignty. This is how financing in Indian Country should be done.”

Matt Mattson, Tribal Administrator
Snoqualmie Tribe


ILCC offers term loans and lines or credit / bridge loans to Indian nations seeking financing to acquire tribal lands. Unlike most financial institutions, ILCC does not require land to be used as collateral for the loan but relies on the full faith and credit of the Indian nation. Learn more

Community Impact

Indian ManLearn how ILCC is helping Indian nations to rebuild their land bases, strengthen tribal sovereignty and better serve their tribal members. Read more