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Socially Responsible Investing

ILCC provides a unique, socially-responsible, solid investment opportunity for individuals, investment firms, local or regional banks, funders and Indian nations. Recovering and consolidating the tribal land base is a top priority for many Indian nations who recognize that full ownership and control of their lands and assets is the key to economic security and self-determination. Investing in ILCC offers a way to help Indian nations secure their economies, cultures and communities.

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Indian Country

Competitive Returns

ILCC offers competitive interest rates and provides higher than average returns for its investors than current short term and long term CDs and money market accounts. In addition to financial rewards, there are benefits to investing in ILCC that extend far beyond the bottom line. ILCC has a strong leadership team with years of combined experience in finance, banking, community development and a solid track record of prudent portfolio management.

Investors are a key part in helping ILCC carry out its mission. Some of ILCC's investors include: Bank of America, CDFI Fund of the U.S. Treasury, First Nations Oweesta Corporation, Ford Foundation, Indian Land Tenure Foundation and Wells Fargo Bank.

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ILCC offers term loans and lines or credit / bridge loans to Indian nations seeking financing to acquire tribal lands. Unlike most financial institutions, ILCC does not require land to be used as collateral for the loan but relies on the full faith and credit of the Indian nation. Learn more

Community Impact

Indian ManLearn how ILCC is helping Indian nations to rebuild their land bases, strengthen tribal sovereignty and better serve their tribal members. Read more