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A Native-run Business

Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC) is a certified Native American Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) providing financing to Native nations for economic development and land acquisition. ILCC grew out of an identified need in Indian Country for financial mechanisms that offered full faith and credit lending options for tribal land purchases. Unlike traditional lending institutions, ILCC responds directly to the financial needs of Native nations. As a Native-run business, ILCC understands and supports tribal sovereignty and recognizes the importance of land to Indian people.

Indianland Landscape

ILCC was created as a collaborative effort between Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) and Native American Community Development Corporation (NACDC) to bridge the gap in lending to tribes and to facilitate the acquisition of Indian lands for social, cultural and economic purposes. As nonprofit partners of ILCC, ILTF and NACDC can provide technical support and grants to Indian nations for the development of strategic land plans.

Our Mission

  • To help Indian nations recover, manage and gain jurisdiction over 90 million acres of alienated tribal land
  • To assist Indian nations in consolidating undivided interests in land with fractionated ownership
  • To eliminate “checkerboarding” (mixed patterns of land ownership) on Indian reservations
  • To strengthen tribal communities and sovereignty


Years of Combined Experience Financing in Indian Country

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ILCC offers term loans and lines or credit / bridge loans to Indian nations seeking financing to acquire tribal lands. Unlike most financial institutions, ILCC does not require land to be used as collateral for the loan but relies on the full faith and credit of the Indian nation. Learn more

ILCC receives funding from the USDA.  ILCC and the USDA are equal opportunity providers, employers and lenders